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Internal & external shutters

Do you need new shutters for your home, investment property or office?

North Coast Blinds & Security have a selection of shutters that will work perfectly with any style and for any environment. You can choose from several options for internal and external applications.

Shutters are stylish and will make your home look modern, sleek and aesthetically pleasing and create a lasting impression of timeless elegance. All our shutters are child safe. Shutters will increase the value of your home and make it stand out from others in your neighbourhood.

You can feel more secure knowing that your shutters offer a barrier other than your window to the external environment, providing a layer of insulation to help keep your rooms warm during winter and cool during the summer, as well as increased security from prying eyes.

North Coast Blinds & Security has everything to meet your shutter needs, including inspiration!

Bermuda Aluminium Shutters

Internal & external functional appeal, Bermuda Aluminium Shutters are a modern, functional shutter that is aesthetically appealing for both exterior and interior use offering durability and style. They are Australian made or there is an imported option also available.  

Our Bermuda Aluminium Shutters are suitable for a range of installation types including patios, verandas, alfresco, high-rise balconies and bathrooms to name a few.

Why not extend your outdoor entertaining area, create more privacy and protect yourself from the elements. We can custom design and fabricate shutter layouts based on location and application. The Bermuda Series will bring maintenance-free durability and style to your home, office, or commercial environment. Built to withstand tough environmental conditions, our Australian made Bermuda 2000 Series Shutters can also be manufactured with a strengthened construction, ideal for cyclonic areas.

Provence Basswood Shutters (internal luxury)

North Coast Blinds & Security’s Provence Basswood Shutters provide a luxury shutter crafted from sustainable resources.

Provence Timber Shutters are crafted from high-quality Basswood (Tilia), a natural timber sourced from sustainable premium-grade plantations found in slow-growing, colder, high alpine regions.

Not only will Provence Timber Shutters put you in control to adjust the amount of light filtering into a room, they also offer effective insulation during summer and winter.

Custom made to your specifications, Provence Shutters are designed to fit your home or office windows perfectly. Engineered with our Mortise and Tenon Joint, this ensures the strength and integrity of our shutters, backed by our commitment to producing durable, quality shutters built to the highest standard.

Riveria AL PVC Shutters (superior internal shutter)

A cut above the rest, Riviera AL is a premium shutter extruded from high-quality PVC with aluminium inserts through blades and stiles to ensure the blade will not sag over time. This ensures strength and stability, while also being unaffected by moisture and humidity.

An aesthetic, modern internal shutter provides privacy while giving you the ability to control light and airflow into a room.

Riviera AL is a superior internal PVC Shutter – it is about what’s on the inside that makes the difference. Riviera AL is a ‘non-toxic’ PVC Shutter that does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC) or harmful emissions – this makes them safe for the whole family.


Riviera AL Shutters are perfect for all domestic and commercial uses, as well as in high-temperature climates.

With aluminium reinforced blades and stiles, Riviera AL is well known for quality, strength and durability. Easily cleaned with a damp cloth, Riviera AL is a leading choice for its diverse applications throughout the home. Suitable for any room in the house including bathrooms and kitchens, Riviera AL is also perfect for creating room dividers in larger areas.


In addition to their aesthetic value, shutters can add a lot of functionality to your home, raising its value and increasing the appeal of your home to potential buyers.

Yes, hinged or sliding shutters will give you access to your window. While fixed shutters will only give window access through the blades.

Yes, all our shutters are customised to fit your window. Get in touch with our friendly experts and they will be able to discuss your options.

All of our shutters offer a warranty period.  Depending on the type of shutters the warranty period ranges from 3 years to 10 years.  Please check our product descriptions or chat with one of our friendly staff.

Shutters are easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. This will keep them looking as good as new.

Not at all, shutters are easily cleaned by wiping over with a damp cloth.

Yes, our shutters come in a range of colours. Depending on the type of shutters, you have a range of colours to choose from including paint and stain options. View our shutter brochures or get in touch with one of our friendly team.

Some of our shutters are manufactured here in Queensland and some are imported.

We offer a range of both internal and external shutters. Note that some shutters are only designed for internal use only. Get in touch with our friendly team who can chat with you to identify the best shutter options for your specific situation.

Shutters are quite versatile and we can custom make them to suit most applications.