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    window furnishings

    Winter is coming! Let’s look at window furnishings to keep your home warm.

    Window coverings are a vital part of any home, providing shade and protecting the interior from harsh elements like sun, wind and rain. But what many people don’t realize is that window coverings are also an essential tool for keeping your home warm in the winter.  The versatile fabrics act as natural insulation, trapping warm...
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    Zipscreens by north coast blinds and security

    Everything you need to know about Zipscreens

    If you’re looking for a way to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, then zipscreen outdoor blinds could be the perfect solution. Custom-designed to fit any residential or commercial installation. Whether you’re reinventing your living space, or renovating your business’ area, Zipscreen makes it easy. Here’s everythi...
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    It’s a situation we all don’t want (or really expect) to be in, but in reality, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service attend thousands of house fires every year. As of January 1 2022, it was a requirement that all landlords had interconnected smoke alarms installed in residential rental properties. All other dwellings must also...
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    Community Fights Crime Wave

    Home security has never been more important for Sunshine Coast residents. Rapid growth has led to an inevitable hike in crime rates. Unfortunately, as in most of Queensland, police numbers have not kept up with the population increases.     Householders are being encouraged to take matters into their own hands There are several ...
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    Pet Safety at Christmas Time

    Here at North Coast Blinds & Security we love having our pets around, however we also know that they sometimes don’t know the difference between what’s good for them, or not! With almost 53,000 dogs and more than 11,300 cats registered across the Sunshine Coast we thought we’d compile a list of our tips to...
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    Top 20 tips for home security

    There is no doubt that home security is a major concern for homeowners especially as we head into the holiday season. Whether you’re concerned about someone breaking into your home, or about protecting your family and possessions, there are a number of things you can do to make your home more secure.  In this blog...
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    The complete guide on Veri Shades and why they’re better than curtains!

    When it comes to window furnishings, Veri Shades are a new concept that is becoming increasingly more and more popular. Here at North Coast Blinds & Security we often see clients choosing Veri Shades over the more traditional options when they learn exactly how they work. So, what are Veri Shades? Veri Shades combine the...
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    Window Shutters Sunshine Coast

    Shutters: The Complete Guide

    If you’re thinking about updating your house with shutters, we have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Shutters offer style and functionality for those looking to improve their home. From increased kerb appeal to improved energy efficiency and low maintenance, there are many reasons why these window coverings should be...
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    Blinds Tips

    Tips for getting new blinds

    Thinking about some indoor improvements? A room filled with new blinds is a great way to give your home a new look. Firstly, decide if you need blinds for privacy, sun control, heat control or ambience.  Blinds are more than a fitting in your home, they give your home style! Shutters are sophisticated and luxurious...
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    Crimsafe windows

    Crimsafe Windows – secure, stylish and easy-to-use

    Not only do they look great, Crimsafe security screens provide a vast range of benefits. ...
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    Safety Screens

    3 Crimsafe cleaning products

    Here at North Coast Blinds & Security, we stock the Crimsafe range of cleaning products and highly recommend their use in the often humid, warm Sunshine Coast climate. ...
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    Safety Screens

    Keeping your home safe from intruders

    Taking the time to implement some key strategies to keep your home safe may mean the difference between a secure home and dealing with the nasty after effects of a burglary.  There are many innovative and often simple ways to make sure your home remains secure from the threat of intruders. Here’s just a few...
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    Keeping Cool in Summer

    Maintain the cool this Summer

    With Summer well and truly in full swing on the beautiful Sunshine Coast it’s timely to review how to keep your home as cool as possible without resorting to the air-conditioning being on 24/7, which can get expensive and is not great for the environment.   The team at North Coast Blinds & Security have developed...
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    North Coast Blinds Mosquito Screen

    How to avoid disease-carrying mosquitoes

    In 2020, more than 640 Sunshine Coast residents were infected with mosquito-borne viruses, with data from Queensland Health showing 524 residents contracted Ross River fever and 121 residents struck down with Barmah Forest virus. Other cases of mosquito-borne diseases contracted by Coast residents last year included Dengue (8), Flavivirus (5) and M...
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    North Coast Blinds Classy shutters

    Give your home a makeover with classy shutters

    Did you know that as well as security doors and windows, our team at North Coast Blinds & Security also manufacture Shutters? Shutters make a great addition to any home. They look fabulous, are easy to use and enable you to control the amount of light and ventilation coming into your home at all times...
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    Storm season

    How to prepare for the storm season

    Preparing for the Upcoming Storm Season It’s that time of year when we should be implementing a few easy measures to be prepared for the upcoming Storm Season here on the Sunshine Coast.  While the weather has been lovely recently, we’re heading into those months when the weather can be slightly unpredictable and storms become...
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    North Coast Blinds Summer Blog

    Spruce up your outdoor area this holiday season

    Christmas and the holiday season is fast approaching, now is a good time to think about what your outdoor area needs in the way of improvement.  Maybe you are hosting the work Christmas get together this year? Or having the family around for Christmas? Or having a New Year’s bash?  Whatever the occasion, replacing or...
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    North Coast Blinds Crimsafe Banners (1)

    The latest Crimsafe product you need to consider

    Crimsafe has just released a new product called Crimsafe Classic. It sets a new benchmark in strength for home security screens; being up to five times stronger than the Australian Standard for screens....
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    North Coast Blinds Summer Blog

    Three ways to get summer ready with North Coast Blinds

    Now that the warmer weather has arrived on the Sunshine Coast, it’s a good time to be thinking about getting your home ready for Summer. Particularly given that there are only 11 weeks until Christmas!...
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    Blinds and Windows Sunshine Coast

    How to choose the right blinds for your home

    Choosing the right blinds for your home A common question we get asked here at North Coast Blinds & Security is “What type of blinds will be best for my home?”. It’s an understandable question given the huge choice of blinds and other window coverings on the market. And also relevant given it can get...

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