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Give Me 5 2022

We’re so excited to announce that we will be donating $100 from every Crimsafe Screen Door ordered in June + donating a $1000 gift voucher

Safety Screens

How much does Crimsafe Cost?

The Cost of Crimsafe can vary depending on a range of factors, however, North Coast Blinds and Security are your licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe products

Community Fights Crime Wave

Home security has never been more important for Sunshine Coast residents. Rapid growth has led to an inevitable hike in crime rates. Unfortunately, as in

Pet Safety at Christmas Time

Here at North Coast Blinds & Security we love having our pets around, however we also know that they sometimes don’t know the difference between

Top 20 tips for home security

There is no doubt that home security is a major concern for homeowners especially as we head into the holiday season. Whether you’re concerned about