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The leading Authorised Crimsafe Sunshine Cost Licensed Manufacturer

North Coast Blinds & Security is a licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe on the Sunshine Coast and has a range of installation options to suit every type of door and window opening.

Our team has been providing peace of mind to Sunshine Coast residents for over 25 years. Peace of mind is achieved through us gaining a clear understanding of your requirements, presenting you with the solution best suited for your circumstances. Our installations stand the test of time and provide you with the security that you are looking for in your family home.


Crimsafe is strong, sophisticated and stylish! Crimsafe’s strength comes from the unique combination of Tensile-Tuff® mesh and our Screw-Clamp™ fastening system – which means there is no need for bars and grilles.

The clean lines of the powder-coated mesh provide unrestricted views and retain a feeling of open spaces.

Crimsafe allows light and air to flow naturally through your home, while still giving you comfort that you have a strong barrier between you and any uninvited guests.

Crimsafe is energy efficient, corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant. Products are available in Regular, Classic, Ultimate and Commercial strengths.


Crimsafe Regular

CRIMSAFE regular​

~ Can withstand up to 550 Joules of impact.*
~ 3 secure points where the door locks into the frame
~ 10-year Warranty as standard. Optional 2-year Extended Warranty.

Crimsafe Classic

Crimsafe classic

~ Can withstand up to 550 Joules of impact.*
~ 3 secure points where the door locks into the frame
~ Up to a 12 year Extended Warranty

range hero ultimate door

Crimsafe ultimate

~ Can withstand up to 750 Joules of impact.*
~ 3 secure points where the door locks into the frame
~ Up to a 15 year Extended Warranty

Crimsafe IQ


~ Can withstand up to 750 Joules of impact.*
~ 6 or 10 locking points
~ Up to a 15 year Extended Warranty


North Coast Blinds & Security is the Sunshine Coast’s leading supplier of custom made-to-measure Crimsafe Security doors to ensure a perfect fit.

Crimsafe Doors can be custom made to be hinged, sliding or bi-folding and all come standard with a triple locking system which gives you added security. We have a range of options for every size and style of opening.

All doors can be fitted with any of the Crimsafe Range.

hinged door


An ordinary security screen door won’t stop a professional burglar. That’s why we’ve designed Crimsafe Hinged Security Screen Doors with a range of unique features to provide the level of protection that will. With secure hinges on one door jamb and a secure three-point locking mechanism on the other, Crimsafe creates an exceptionally strong barrier to keep unwanted guests out.



Crimsafe sliding doors feature a unique locking mechanism inside the door frame and three locking points secured in the outer frame channel. The sliding door panel is also secured tightly between the tracks, so your doors operate smoothly every time.

Bi fold Doors


When it comes to fitting bi-fold openings, Crimsafe are the experts. Our multi-panel hinged door design is custom-built to your home’s specifications. Bi-Fold doors are available in various panel widths and heights of up to 3 metres. They can fold in or out and concertina from the middle or side.


North Coast Blinds & Security is the Sunshine Coast’s leading supplier of Crimsafe.
Crimsafe Security Screens for windows give you heavy-duty protection without heavy-duty looks.

Crimsafe screens are custom made to be face fitted, reveal fitted or sliding, so they make no compromise for the safety of you and your family.

All screens can be fitted with any of the Crimsafe Range.

Crimsafe Regular Hinged Window Outswing

hinged windows

Crimsafe has options for every home and window type – single or multi-panel sliding windows, double-hung, single and multiple hoppers, casement, louvres and fixed or sliding combinations. You can also decide if the screen opens to the left or right, or hinged at the side or top.

North Coast Blinds Crimsafe Awning Window

fixed windows

Each Crimsafe fixed window screen is made-to-measure, and there is a range of profiles available so you can customise the screens to suit your home’s style and features.

Sliding Window 1200x800 1

sliding windows

Installing a sliding screen gives you the flexibility that comes with a flyscreen, with the peace of mind that comes with feeling safe. Ideal for a kitchen window, enjoy the fresh air whilst keeping out the bugs.

Crimsafe Regular Safe S S Cape Outswing

safe-s-cape® windows

Safe-S-Cape® Security Screens don’t need a key. You can unlock them from the inside with the push of a button. And because you want to have the most effortless exit possible, you can decide whether the screen swings in or out upon opening.


North Coast Blinds & Security is the Sunshine Coast’s leading supplier of Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape®, the keyless emergency exit system for windows.

The Safe-S-Cape® lets you quickly exit in a fire or other emergency, but is just as hard to penetrate as all our other Crimsafe products.

Safe-S-Cape® can be manufactured as either hinged or sliding products plus either inward or outward swinging. With its one-touch, push release system, even a small child can operate it.

And because you want to have the most effortless exit possible, you can decide whether the screen swings in or out upon opening or slides left or right.


Enhance your outdoor living area with a custom made Crimsafe patio or outdoor enclosure. A Crimsafe patio enclosure allows you to enjoy your outdoor space by protecting you against insects and intruders.

Crimsafe Patio Enclosures are available in Regular, Classic or Ultimate frame and can be fabricated for your particular requirement to give your home the security you need.

Crimsafe Warranty

Crimsafe Security Systems warrants to the original purchaser of the Crimsafe Security Product that the Crimsafe Security Product purchased will be free from defects in materials supplied by Crimsafe Security Systems under conditions of normal use for a period of ten years from the date of installation. Extended warranty applied if registered online.

This warranty is not transferable. Please note each component of different Crimsafe Security Systems (including Regular, Ultimate iQ-m and iQ-e) may have a different warranty period.

Hardware on doors have various warranties.

Crimsafe faq's

Crimsafe uses a 0.9mm diameter 304-grade stainless steel wire which is trademarked Tensile-Tuff®. Other mesh security systems use a 0.8mm diameter 316-grade wire.

When compared to 0.8mm 316 wire, Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® 0.9mm 304 wire has a 26.5% thicker cross-section. The thicker cross-section means that at the same strength level, Tensile-Tuff® can withstand loads at least 25% greater, making it harder to break or cut.

The cost of Crimsafe can vary depending on a range of factors, however, North Coast Blinds & Security are your licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe products and can help you determine the exact cost for your needs.

As a trusted local manufacturer we offer a range of Crimsafe security screen doors, window screens and patio enclosures to keep your home or business safe from unwelcome intruders, whether two-legged or multiple-legged!

Crimsafe security screen doors typically range from $850 upwards as a general starting price. The price for a Crimsafe security screen window can range from $100 upwards. However, the cost of a Crimsafe product can be greatly affected by the product, size, installation and any specific requirements.

When examining the cost associated with a new Crimsafe Door, Window, Screen or Patio Enclosure you should take into consideration the following:

Dimensions – The dimensions of the door, window or outside area
Colour – Are you after a standard colour or do you require a special powdercoated colour

Application – Do you need new door tracks etc
Installation – Ease of installation

Crimsafe screens and doors well exceed the Australian Standards testing in all of their ranges. Whilst intruders may try to break through the screen, the mesh used in Crimsafe cannot break under attack and is resistant to being cut with a knife or similar object and it can take the force of at least a category 3 cyclone. Whilst you may see a dent in the mesh, unlike other screens, they won’t break apart.

Crimsafe mesh comes in black only. This is due to the transparency of the black mesh is better than other colours and is a key feature of Crimsafe mesh. Crimsafe frames and fittings consist of the Crimsafe standard colour range including: Marble Black Satin, Monument Matt, Woodland Grey Satin, Deep Ocean Satin, APO Grey Satin, Anodic Natural Matt, Ultra Silver Gloss, Dune Satin, Paperbark Satin, Surfmist Satin, Classic Pearl White Gloss, Primrose Gloss, White Birch Gloss, Casuarina, Wester Red Cedar or customise with any Dulux or Interpon colour.

The great thing about Crimsafe is that it does keep bugs out whilst letting the air flow in. Flies, mosquitos, spiders and other unwelcome creatures are kept out 100%.

We do not recommend that you paint your screen as this will instantly void your warranty.

Whilst you may install a dog door in your Crimsafe door you will need to be aware that your security screen will no longer be classified as secure and that your Crimsafe Warranty will no longer apply.

Any installation of a dog door, particularly for larger dogs may allow, a burglar easy access to your home.

Whilst it can be done you will need to weigh up the pros and cons.

Crimsafe screens are one of the few screens available that is cat safe. Cats will generally get out of the house if they are a house cat by pushing/clawing at the mesh until it pops out of the frame or the frame bends.

You can rest assured that with crimsafe screens and doors your feline friend will be safe inside.

It all depends on how much security you need and the look that you’re after for your home! If you live in a neighbourhood prone to break-ins, you should consider securing all your openings with the Ultimate Crimsafe range of products.

If you just want the middle range of security while keeping out insects and bugs, a sturdy aluminium Diamond Grill (7mm) door or screen could be suitable.

By following the below easy cleaning tips, all your screens can be kept clean and looking as new:

Clean frames and mesh with Crimsafe Wash and Wax or any car wash
Use warm water and a soft, non-abrasive cloth (Ha Ra Gloves are great)
Wipe down with clean water
For stubborn marks use Crimsafe Stain Clean
Never use strong solvent-based or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage powder-coated surfaces
The table below explains the recommended frequency for cleaning, depending on your environment and location.

Environment description / Cleaning interval
Mild (more than 10km from beachfront or sheltered bay) – Every 6 months
Moderate (within 1-10km of beachfront or sheltered bay) – Every 2 to 3 months
Marine (within 500m to 1km of beachfront or within 100m to 1km of sheltered bay) – Every 2 to 4 weeks
Severe Marine (within 500m of beachfront or within 100m of sheltered bay) – Every 1 to 2 weeks
Note: beachfront refers to breaking surf causing airborne moisture and sheltered bay refers to calm salt waters not experiencing surf conditions.

Crimsafe is recognised as the strongest security doors and screens on the market. Don’t be fooled by someone telling you otherwise.

Crimsafe is an Australian company that uses a trademarked exclusive Screw-Clamp system that gives it an unparalleled advantage to withstand and absorb large amounts of force and impact.

Crimsafe is also energy efficient (blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain, 62% of UV rays and limits the heat that escapes during winter months), corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant.

North Coast Blinds & Security is the Sunshine Coast Authorised Crimsafe Licensee.  We have a large range of various products to meet your needs. Get in touch with one of our Crimsafe experts and let them walk you through the range of options to find the solution that best meets your needs.

Is your home crim-safe?

Did you know on average more than 800 Queensland homes are broken into every single week? Opportunistic intruders take advantage of homeowners who aren’t aware of the small steps they can take to make their property more secure. Things such as where you put your wheelie bins, where you keep your spare key, if there are shoes at your front door and most importantly what type of window screens, doors and locks you have installed.

North Coast Blinds & Security is passionate about educating and assisting locals on what they can do to increase home safety. As the leading Crimsafe supplier on the Sunshine Coast, the team can combine customised security screens with cutting edge technology to create a strong barrier against unwanted intruders.

The Crimsafe Secure Score Quiz is a great way to get an indication of what you’re doing well when it comes to home security. It analyses questions about your street, yard and home to determine your ‘secure score’. North Coast Blinds & Security can then use this information to create a solid plan moving forward, on how you can improve safety on your property.


Step 1: Click HERE to take the Crimsafe Secure Score Quiz and find out how you can improve home security

Step 2: Submit Your Score below:

Step 3: As an authorised Crimsafe Manufacturing Licensee, our expert team at North Coast Blinds & Security can assist you with customised security screens

North Coast Blinds & Security are here to help you with all of your Crimsafe needs. Our expert team has been providing quality customer service across the Sunshine Coast for over 25 years.