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Pet Safety at Christmas Time

Here at North Coast Blinds & Security we love having our pets around, however we also know that they sometimes don’t know the difference between what’s good for them, or not!

With almost 53,000 dogs and more than 11,300 cats registered across the Sunshine Coast we thought we’d compile a list of our tips to help ensure the safety of your pets over the festive season.

The Christmas Tree and Your Pets

We try and place our Christmas tree in a corner of the room and have it securely anchored (currently by presents and a few decorative sand bags). This will stop the tree from being tipped or pulled over in the excitement of Christmas .. it happens!  

If you have a real Christmas tree remember that the tree water bowl may contain preservatives that are dangerous to pets, especially if harmful bacteria builds up.

Christmas decorations can look like fun new toys to play with for your inquisitive pets (and children!). Pets may be tempted to chew on them and our feline friends are fond of playing with dangling ornaments.

We try to keep all tinsel, baubles and ribbon out of reach of both paws and little fingers – we don’t want any choking happening!  The same with Christmas lights – hang them on the higher branches to reduce the chances of them being tangled or chewed.

Pets and Christmas Presents

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Dogs, cats and kids can sniff out wrapped chocolate!  We don’t want your pet, or child, being rushed off to the vet, or Dr!,  so make sure they are placed out of reach. Many cats and dogs love to investigate and play with ribbons and wrapped Christmas presents.  Eating ribbons and paper can cause harm to your pet’s digestive system and may even get tangled on their body and ingesting small items and kids’ toys can cause harm to your pet’s /child’s intestinal tract.

Your Pets and Christmas Food & Drink

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Whilst we can enjoy, in moderation, alcohol, Christmas sweets and chocolates, remember your pets can’t!  

Alcohol can make your pet weak and it could even cause them to go into a coma, possibly resulting in death.

Pets and sweets don’t mix so stick to treats made especially for your pets.  The Sunshine Coast has a great range of local artisans who make great organic pet treats! Chocolate and the sweetener Xylitol (found in many candies and gums) are poisonous to pets and can lead to death.  

Leave the leftovers. Don’t feed your pet any of the leftovers. Our food is often too spicy and fatty for our four-legged friends and can cause problems ranging from an upset stomach to pancreatitis. Any cooked bones are a no-no as they can splinter, and even small bones can cause tearing of the intestinal tract.

Ensure that your garbage is pet-proof. Garbage can smell very yummy to your pet and can contain all sorts of hazards, so make sure you put garbage away immediately and that your pet can’t access it.

Christmas Parties and Pets

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Whilst some pets will love the attention remember that they can get overwhelmed and overstimulated when there are lots of new people to sniff out.  Try to take them out for a walk before guests arrive to help reduce their energy and anxiety levels.

Remind your guests to please not feed your pets.  It can be hard for some when they have puppy dog eyes staring you down.

Ensure your pet has access to a quiet part of the house where they can retreat to.  Make sure they have fresh water and a place to snuggle up.

Taking some simple precautionary steps and monitoring your pets and their interactions can save you an expensive trip to the vet! 

From the team here at North Coast Blinds & Security, we wish you, your family and your special pets a very Merry and Safe Christmas.

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