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Community Fights Crime Wave

Home security has never been more important for Sunshine Coast residents. Rapid growth has led to an inevitable hike in crime rates. Unfortunately, as in most of Queensland, police numbers have not kept up with the population increases.    

Householders are being encouraged to take matters into their own hands There are several precautionary measures that can help protect your home and make sure you are not an easy target for opportunistic criminals. These include ensuring you lock up properly, installing security screens to windows and doors (Crimsafe is the leading screen option), and considering the installation of security cameras are among the most important.  

Research has proven that a hard-to-access home is less likely to be broken into. The opposite is true, an easy break-in encourages theft. While you may not be able to reduce the crime rate you can definitely reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim to household theft.  

The Sunshine Coast Daily published it’s article “‘We’re watching’: community fights crime wave as police numbers fail to keep pace with area” 13th December 2021 highlighting the impact of crime across the community.

“The time for talk is over and we’re watching you.”

That’s the clear message Caloundra residents and businesspeople are sending to criminals after becoming “soft targets” for break-and-enters and theft.

With police numbers in the growing area remaining stagnant for the past 11 years, a public forum was held at the Caloundra Power Boat Club to consider what residents could do to help.

The meeting set an agenda for community members taking matters into their own hands – not via a vigilante group but through the powerful force of CCTV cameras.

The forum was organised by 4 Ingredients founder Kim McCosker – whose own family members were victims of a recent break-and-enter, with three cars stolen from their Pelican Waters home in August.

Sunshine Coast Daily

You can read the full article here.

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