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How to avoid disease-carrying mosquitoes

In 2020, more than 640 Sunshine Coast residents were infected with mosquito-borne viruses, with data from Queensland Health showing 524 residents contracted Ross River fever and 121 residents struck down with Barmah Forest virus.

Other cases of mosquito-borne diseases contracted by Coast residents last year included Dengue (8), Flavivirus (5) and Malaria (4).

The amount of people infected with Ross River virus increased by around 1.6 times the five year average and 3.1 times the five-year average for Barmah Forest virus.

The Ross River virus is spread by mosquitoes from infected animals or humans. Symptoms can last for 40 weeks and include fever chills, muscle aches, rashes, fatigue, aching tendons, swollen lymph nodes, headaches and extreme joint pain.

With high levels of rain about due to the La Nina weather effect on Queensland, mosquitoes are particularly prevalent on the Sunshine Coast this Summer.

While unfortunately there is no treatment for diseases such as Ross River fever, there are a range of measures that people can take to avoid getting bitten and contracting these nasty diseases.

So, don’t let mosquitoes ruin your BBQ or poolside gathering and instead implement the following preventative measures recommended by the team at North Coast Blinds & Security:

  • Use an insect repellent than contains DEET or picaridin. Read and follow all directions and precautions on the mosquito repellent product label, especially for infants.
  • Remain vigilant at all times of the day (because different disease-carrying mosquitoes bite at different times) but especially at dawn and dusk on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Wear long, loose, light-coloured clothing to cover up exposed skin.
  • Install and maintain insect screens on all doors, windows and rainwater tanks. Under the Public Health Act 2005, you could be fined by your local council if your home or yard promotes the breeding of mosquitoes.
  • When outside, besides applying repellent, regularly use mosquito lanterns, coils or plug-in repellent devices.

Also, ensure that mosquitoes have limited opportunities to breed around the home by undertaking the following tips:

  • Remove containers/vessels of stagnant water ie: pot plant bases or containers where water has pooled.
  • Check playground equipment, old tyres, rainwater tanks and tarps for pooled water.
  • Regularly remove leaves and debris from gutters to prevent ponding of water.
  • Remove palm fronds/other green waste from around the yard

As well as implementing the above strategies to not get bitten, it’s also a good idea to take steps to keep mozzies and other insects out of your home.

The best way to do this (but ensure the lovely breeze comes in and your views are maintained), is to install screen doors and windows.

North Coast Blinds & Security manufacture and install a range of insect and safety screens and doors, plus Crimsafe screens & doors, all at competitive prices.

Our custom-made screens and doors are powder-coated in any colour to suit your home’s décor.

Our Crimsafe products not only keep out the pesky insects, they are also the strongest security screens on the market and consistently exceed all Australian Standards for security doors and windows.

All security and insect screens and doors are manufactured onsite in our Kunda Park factory and are custom-made to suit the dimensions of your home.

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