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Maintain the cool this Summer

With Summer well and truly in full swing on the beautiful Sunshine Coast it’s timely to review how to keep your home as cool as possible without resorting to the air-conditioning being on 24/7, which can get expensive and is not great for the environment.  

The team at North Coast Blinds & Security have developed these top tips to keep your home as cool as possible this summer and reduce your energy bill.  

Consider fitting blackout blinds

Blackout blinds are not only a fantastic way to promote longer sleep-ins, they also offer respite from the hot sun. They reduce the transmission of outside heat through the windows, creating a cooler space. What’s more, these blinds can help in winter by retaining heat. The team at North Coast Blinds & Security can provide you with a free measure & quote for blackout blinds around your home in a range of colours and fabrics. 

Invest in security screens

While Crimsafe security screens enable a lovely breeze to flow in through doors and windows, they also help improve the energy efficiency of your home.  The stainless-steel woven mesh blocks up to 53% of solar heat gain, keeping your home cooler in summer, and warmer in winter. It also blocks up to 62% of harmful UVs, meaning that your furnishings and carpets will also be protected from the sun’s rays during the day.  

Choose the barbecue over the oven

When you’re already trying to cool your home down on hot days, it’s quite counterproductive to then turn on the oven. Instead, use the barbecue outside as much as possible and keep any excess heat outside. 

Check the direction of your ceiling fan

As strange as it may sound, your ceiling fan may actually be making you hotter, not cooler. Your fan should be spinning in an anti-clockwise direction to optimally project cool air downwards. In winter, clockwise is ideal for circulating the air without projecting the cool air down (which is what you want in summer). To check which direction your fan’s spinning, turn it on and stand underneath it. If it is not going the right way, there is almost always a switch on the base of the fan that will change the direction.

Leave windows open at night

Leaving your windows open at night not only promotes a good night’s sleep but helps your house to remain cool the next day. And with Crimsafe screens, there is no compromise in security, as intruders will not be able to kick, jimmy or force the screens open. 

Plant shady trees outside sunny windows

While this tip can take some time to realise the difference, it’s still a fantastic long-term method to reduce heat coming in the windows.  By planting shady trees and bushes outside windows that catch the sun, you’ll block the direct sun rays out and help keep the house much cooler.

Awnings – a great way to keep the rays out

Awnings are a great solution to keep the heat from coming in windows or banks of glass doors. They can be made in a variety of colours and materials and offer optimum privacy and sun protection whilst remaining an attractive feature of your home. These Awnings can be easily rolled up into a headbox once the sun goes down or in the event of a storm.  

Ask us for a free measure & quote 

North Coast Blinds and Security are the leading manufacturer and installers of a range of different products on the Sunshine Coast. We supply Crimsafe screen doors and windows and can provide expert advice on what Crimsafe products would suit your home or office. 

We also supply and install a range of blinds, shutters and awnings to suit your décor and budget. 

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