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The complete guide on Veri Shades and why they’re better than curtains!

When it comes to window furnishings, Veri Shades are a new concept that is becoming increasingly more and more popular. Here at North Coast Blinds & Security we often see clients choosing Veri Shades over the more traditional options when they learn exactly how they work.

So, what are Veri Shades?

Veri Shades combine the softness of curtains, elegance of sheers and versatility of blinds. 

The unique patented design hangs like a curtain using vertical fabric with alternating opaque folds. With the simple twist of a wand you can adjust the Veri Shade to your desired level of light or privacy. When you turn one way, the opaque folds provide privacy and light blocking, and the other way the mesh fabric lets more light through. If you’re really wanting to enjoy that full sunlight, you can even draw them right back to reveal the whole window.

Window furnishings are a crucial part of any home, not only do they provide privacy and temperature control they can improve the whole look of a room and make windows feel bigger. Veri shades tick all of these boxes, and the motorised option also provides a great home automation feature.

It’s no secret many of us are extremely time poor, so the 100% polyester fabric is soil resistant and individual folds can be removed for easy cleaning or replacement. They’re also UPF50+ stabilised meaning they’re resistant to fading.

Are Veri Shades safe?

Yes! There are no chains or weights on Veri Shades, so whether they’re open or closed you can just walk straight through them. This makes them the perfect option if you have pets or children. It also means they’re silent, even on those windy days.

Can I customise Veri Shades to suit my space?

Definitely! The Veri Shade comes in 5 ranges and there are more than 30 neutral colours to choose from to ensure they will blend seamlessly into your home design. There are also 4 track profiles, and since they only need one track they take up half the space of a curtain. 

Veri Shades can be made up to a maximum width of 6 metres, making them perfect for doorways and large windows. 

If you are looking for a timeless and elegant window furnishing, contact the friendly team at North Coast Blinds & Security today for your FREE at-home measure and quote.

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