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As a licensed manufacturer of Crimsafe on the Sunshine Coast, we support the Crimsafe and Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) Collaboration to Promote Home Security. Throughout March, the focus will be on promoting adequate home security measures, offering tips and tricks to enhance security, and encouraging participation in local Neighbourhood Watch communities.

Crimsafe’s Secure Score quiz generates a score out of 100 for homeowners by answering a few questions about your current home security measures. Using the answers provided, homeowners will receive a personalised action plan to enhance their Secure Score and improve the overall security of their homes and property.

According to recent statistics from Crimsafe’s Secure Score, a staggering 64% of respondents do not have security cameras on their property, while 55% lack security screens that meet Australian Standards. Only 57% reported having sensor lighting around external doors and windows. With an average Secure Score of just 56 out of 100 across Australia, it’s clear that many homes are vulnerable to break-ins, theft or damage.

Crimsafe CEO Jim Sturgess says this is an opportunity for Australian families to take control of their home security at a time when our homes are more valued and important than ever. “The last reported quarter by ABS (December 2020) saw a 26% increase in unlawful entry with intent. If there’s anything these last two years have taught us, it’s that our homes and the lives we lead inside them are the most valuable things we have” said Mr Sturgess.

Australias average crimsafe secure score

Neighbourhood Watch Australasia CEO Maria Bennett said “With our local community insights and connections, combined with Crimsafe’s home security expertise we’re aiming to make a real impact through increasing education around home security and ultimately reducing crime in local neighbourhoods.”

Keeping your home safe is a priority for all homeowners.  There are a range of price point options to suit everyone to increase your home’s security:  We’ve highlighted a few of our favourites below.  You can download the full Tiered Action Plan below:

No cost actions

There are several simple steps you can take to improve the security of your home. 

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Firstly, it’s important to move your wheelie bins to a secure location, away from the house, as they can be used as a means of access by burglars. 

It’s also a good idea to lock your gates and ensure that any garden sheds or garages are securely locked when not in use. Keeping spare keys in a secure location, such as with a trusted friend or family member, can prevent unauthorized entry into your home.

Additionally, putting internal lights on a timer when you’re away can make it appear as if someone is home, deterring potential intruders.

Finally, keeping shoes by the front door can give the impression that someone is inside and may deter burglars from attempting to break in.

By taking these simple no cost measures, you can help protect your home and belongings from theft or damage.

$250+ security options

There are several additional measures you can take to improve the security of your home which involve a financial outlay.

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Installing sensor lights around external doors and windows can alert you to any activity outside your home, deterring potential burglars from attempting to break in.

Putting in triple and dead locks on external doors provides an added layer of protection against forced entry, making it more difficult for intruders to gain access to your home.

Installing a peephole on your front door allows you to see who is at the door before opening it, giving you greater control over who enters your home.

For a relatively same financial outlay, these measures can help give you peace of mind and protect your home from theft or damage.

$500+ security options

For even greater home security, consider installing Crimsafe on your doors and windows. Crimsafe is a high-quality security screen that provides protection against intruders, while still allowing fresh air and natural light to enter your home. It’s an effective way to secure your home without sacrificing style or comfort.

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Another option is to install visible alarms or CCTV cameras around the exterior of your home.

These measures can be a powerful deterrent against burglars, who are often deterred by the risk of being caught on camera or triggering an alarm.

Visible alarms and CCTV cameras can also provide valuable evidence in the event of a break-in, helping law enforcement to identify suspects and recover stolen property.

With these additional measures in place, you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that your home is well-protected.

Security while you are on holidays

If you’re getting ready to head away for some R&R here are our top tips to help make sure your home is protected from intruders while you’re away on holiday this holiday period.

  • Install A Home Security System
  • Lock All Windows And Doors
  • Don’t Advertise Your Absence On Social Media
  • Stop Mail And Newspaper Deliveries
  • Make Your Home Look Lived In


Our two favourite security options

If you’re looking for reliable security options, two of our favourites are having a dog and installing Crimsafe Security Screens & Doors. Ultimately, the best option will depend on your specific needs and preferences, but both dogs and Crimsafe Security Screens & Doors can provide peace of mind when it comes to home security.

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A well-trained dog can be an effective deterrent against intruders, as they have keen senses and are protective of their owners. Plus, their presence alone can make potential burglars think twice before attempting to break in.

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Crimsafe Security Screens offer a physical barrier that is difficult to penetrate. They are made from high-tensile stainless steel mesh and reinforced with a unique screw-clamp system to provide superior strength and durability. Not only do they provide an extra layer of protection against forced entry, but they also allow for natural ventilation without compromising security.

Take the Secure Score home security quiz to find out how your home rates and what steps you can take to improve your homes security.

Remember to come back and let us know your score!

If you would like some help with your home security, reach out to our team of Crimsafe experts for a free measure and quote today.

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