Did you know on average more than 800 Queensland homes are broken into every single week? Opportunistic intruders take advantage of homeowners who aren’t aware of the small steps they can take to make their property more secure. Things such as where you put your wheelie bins, where you keep your spare key, if there are shoes at your front door and most importantly what type of window screens, doors and locks you have installed.

North Coast Blinds & Security is passionate about educating and assisting locals on what they can do to increase home safety. As the leading Crimsafe supplier on the Sunshine Coast, the team can combine customised security screens with cutting edge technology to create a strong barrier against unwanted intruders.

The Crimsafe Secure Score Quiz is a great way to get an indication of what you’re doing well when it comes to home security. It analyses questions about your street, yard and home to determine your ‘secure score’. North Coast Blinds & Security can then use this information to create a solid plan moving forward, on how you can improve safety on your property.


Step 1: Click here to take the Crimsafe Secure Score Quiz and find out how you can improve home security

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Step 3: As an authorised Crimsafe Manufacturing Licensee, our expert team at North Coast Blinds & Security can assist you with customised security screens

North Coast Blinds & Security is dedicated to giving you peace of mind when you’re at home, work, out and about, or on holiday.